Sample Chapter

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The Storm

Book Two, Chapter 1

(This chapter is short, but there are 6 chapters in this book rather than 5 which the others have.)


The Storm

Exploring the ravine near his home was Rascal's favorite thing to do. In the creek at the bottom of it he discovered some crayfish and one small silver fish to eat. Water swirled around the rocks along its banks. He should go home, but, he wanted to explore just one more minute - or two - or three. Nothing will happen. He hiked farther away to see what he could find. Small mice scurried under bushy plants. Birds flew to their nests in the trees. But, did he go home? No!

The air feels stuffy and warm. He wandered still farther. Then, wind whisked away the stuffiness. The sky filled with dark, ominous clouds which hid the late, afternoon sun. The fresh smell of rain filled the air - and Rascal's nose. Though young, Rascal was old enough to know when a storm was brewing. He waited until it started to rain, and then he turned to race back home.

He ran as fast as he could. A fierce wind blew new green leaves off the trees! It bent the flower heads over. It blew and blew! Nothing could stop it except the rocks of the ravine. Big trees creaked and groaned as if in pain. CRACK! Lightning struck a tree nearby. Rolling thunder followed. BOOM! Boom, boom, boom! 

"Stop!" he screamed at the storm. It didn't, of course. "OH!" A whirlwind scooped him up off the ground and took him for the ride of his life!