Sample Chapter


Meet Feebs

Book One, Chapter One


Meet Feebs

Although she didn’t like being shut up in a little box, she hoped that this brown-haired girl called Maddie would give her a good forever-home. “Meow!” she said, looking up woefully at Maddie, her green eyes meeting brown ones. Her nose stuck out of the little holes of the door as she sniffed the fresh air passing through the car’s open windows. So many new smells! 

  “Don’t worry, little Feebs. You’ll love the farm.” Maddie let her index finger go up to the kitten’s little pink nose for her to sniff. Then, she pet her head softly. 

    Feebs purred contentedly and rubbed up against the wire door as they drove to the Cooper’s farm. I think I’m going to like Maddie. I want a good forever-home more than anything. They finally arrived! Maddie carried the little box out to a wide-open space and sat down with it on the soft, summer grass. Through the wire door, Feebs could see a house and a barn. Maddie eased the little door open and spoke softly to Feebs. “You’re home now. Come, sit on my lap.”

    Feebs let Maddie lift her onto her lap. Wow! Feebs looked around. Maddie held her and stroked her soft gray fur.  Unsure of new places and things, she felt secure with Maddie for now. She was young. Inexperienced. Although afraid of new things, she had curiosity. She wanted to explore. “This is our house over here,” Maddie said holding Feebs so she could see. “And, over there is the barn where you will live. You’ll help Whoot’in, our barn owl, keep the mice and snakes out of there. I know your beautiful green eyes can see things that I can’t. That will make you a great mouse-catcher.” She set Feebs down and walked toward the house.

    Wait! Feebs’ whiskers twitched nervously as she hurried to keep up with Maddie. She was still so young and small that she struggled to climb up the steps to the big porch in front of the house.

“It won’t be long before you’re full-grown and won’t have any trouble with those steps,” Maddie said with a smile. “Wait here.” She went inside and came back with a saucer of fresh milk and set it down by the little cat. “Your paws are as white as this milk,” she said. Someday, when you prove yourself to be a true friend to the animals that live on and around this farm, you will earn a bandana, Feebs. I think a red one will look good with your gray fur. It’s something we do around here to show we are a close group, like family. The bandana buddies will do anything to help each other when they need it.”

    That does it! I love this girl. Feebs gingerly lapped up all of the sweet milk. Still feeling unsure, she looked around with caution as she drank. I wonder what I’ll have to do to earn this red bandana thing.

“Okay, that’s good,” Maddie said as Feebs finished up the milk. “I’ve got some chores to do. Time for you to explore a little bit, Feebs.” She started toward the barn.

Wait! I’m coming too! Feebs pranced proudly, picking her little white paws up high, with her tail held straight up in the air. I want to meet that barn owl!