Most ideas for the character part of this blog come from my observation of people. I listen to others when moms speak of concerns they have at home. It’s not uncommon for kids to have difficulty in social situations with other kids. Although younger kids have issues sometimes with sharing, working, and playing together with other young kids, it seems some have to deal with bullying issues - a really hot topic today. And, as they grow into tweens and teens, they have increased group vs individual issues. It seems all is peaches and cream when your kids are together, and not-so-kind when the wavering friend is with other people. Jealousy and other ugly problems rear their heads. I am not, nor do I pretend to be, a counselor, which may be exactly what the wavering friend needs - in addition to compassion and understanding.


Defined: “Treating Others with Honor and Dignity”

Consider the value of every single person. Each of us has been wonderfully made by God for His special purpose. Because he has given us free will, we stumble, make mistakes, and get off the path many times throughout our life. But, that doesn’t mean that we still aren’t loved by Him. He patiently walks with us through good and bad times. He is our Best Friend.

Every person is unique, special, and loved by Him. It is through this kind of love that you as a friend can help and encourage those who may be struggling with something (abuse, neglect, poor self-image, doubt, etc.). Underlying emotional problems may not even be understood by the person who has them! So, it helps to have an outsider bring things to light. Talk with them, one-on-one. Encourage them to talk with you about whatever might be bothering them. If they trust you with their secrets, DON’T ever destroy that trust by gossiping to others. If it seems like a dangerous situation, then tell them that you want to share their story with your mom or dad ~ for their sake.

Other ways to show respect for others:

  • When you want something from someone, show respect by saying “please”.

  • When you receive a gift, show respect by saying “thank you”.

  • When you hurt someone, show respect by apologizing and saying “I’m sorry”. (and mean it)

  • At home or school (or at work if you’re old enough), show respect for parents, teachers, or bosses by coming to work on time and be responsible, diligent, and thorough with all you do. Being dependable shows respect for your authorities!

  • Show respect by looking at people’s eyes when they are speaking to you, or you are speaking to them.

  • Show respect by listening.

Important fact: Respect does NOT mean that you have to like everyone. Others might not treat you as they should. BUT, respect does NOT DEPEND ON OTHERS - it depends on YOUR CHOICE to treat others as you would like to be treated.

You’ve probably heard of “The Golden Rule”. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s Biblical. It means treat others as you would like to be treated - even if it’s hard sometimes.


VALUE OTHERS: Treat them with kindness and courtesy - not disrespect or abuse. How do you take care of your favorite toy or game? How much more important are people than that toy or game? Even strangers.

RESPECT DIFFERENCES: People are all different. Different shapes, sizes, colors. Different abilities, languages, disabilities, etc. Try to LEARN from them instead of expecting them to be just like you. (How boring would it be if everyone was the same??)

USE GOOD MANNERS: Show respect by opening doors for others, use good table manners, appropriate language, and respect other’s belongings.

NOT BULLY OR HARASS OTHERS: Don’t threaten or hurt others in order to get what you want. Treat everyone with respect, and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Note: Not everyone who disagrees with you or is inconsiderate is a bully. How can you tell the difference?

TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY I WANT TO BE TREATED: This Golden Rule help you figure out how to treat others with honor, dignity, love, kindness, and respect. Ask yourself this question: if someone is rude or mean to you, what would you want someone to do if YOU were the one being unkind?

(Some content taken from Character First with permission.)

Ollie is listening to Nibbler’s problem and asking him questions. What a good friend he is!

Ollie is listening to Nibbler’s problem and asking him questions. What a good friend he is!

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Charity's family (except her).jpg

Here’s a photo of Charity’s mom and brothers & sisters. She must be taking the picture. They are inside the school where Charity goes with her school-age siblings. Following is a picture of her last letter and a description of her typical days in Uganda which I thought you might like to see. What things do you see that that are the same as what you do? What things are different?

Charity's letter - February, 2019.jpg


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