Kit's New Home - Almost ready for design

Almost finished with the illustrations for the fifth book of the Bandana Acres series: Kit's New Home. Here's a picture taken with my phone of one of the illustrations from the first chapter. This book has more characters: Ollie the wise farm dog, of course, Kit (the fox), Nellie (a Jersey cow), Zartie (a red-eared slider turtle), and Ellis & Molly (a pair of mules) - oh, and a mean coyote who has no name. Here's a sample from the story as well:

Kit's New Home (Part of Chapter 1)

“We give everyone a chance,” Ollie said. “But remember this: if you ever lie to us, hurt us, talk badly about us behind our backs, or betray any secrets, you will lose our trust - and our friendship. You’ll have to prove you are trustworthy to earn our friendship and loyalty.”

“Understood. I promise to be a good friend,” Kit said. I’ll really have to be careful of what I do and say around these animals, she thought. Kit stepped forward for a long, cool drink from the pond. It was comforting to know exactly what she needed to do to gain their friendship.

Later, Kit frequently visited the farm and made friends with all of the animals that lived there. She kept her promise and was a good friend to all, except for one day.