Take a moment to reflect on this. What does having character even mean?

To me, it means who you really are on the inside, even when no one is watching or listening. The choices we make every day show our character. I personally am writing for young people in an effort to encourage good character qualities in friendships and families. But that’s not the only place character can be impacted.

The workplace is another. By making sound choices, everyone can impact their workplace for the better. It’s never too late for someone to change, if they want. Many times, when people see others who are solidly happy and at peace with the world, they will befriend that person in an attempt to gain the same from them. We are all ambassadors of some kind of character. Even if we don’t intend to, we DO influence people around us. Our speech, actions, and attitudes, are always on display.

So, think about it tomorrow. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can good people do bad things? (Of course! Learning from our mistakes and moving on is important.)

  • Who am I? (Don’t let someone else tell you. Answer for yourself.)

  • Who do I want to be? (If you really want, you can change bad habits.)

  • How can I improve? (Talk to a trusted friend or family member about an area you are working on and ask them to remind you if you start to slip.)

Character. It’s something we always need to work on. Set good examples for your kids. They are our future!